Three great radios at the Internet’s best prices!

Let me tell you a little about this site. I started it more than two years ago. I had been looking for something on the leading edge of technology – where maybe I could establish a presence before every Tom, Dick and Harry jumped in. HD Radio seemed like just the ticket.Boy! Did I get on the leading edge. And boy! Did I discover why this is sometimes called the bleeding edge.

At the time I started this site, there were maybe four HD tabletop radios, a couple of high-end tuners and three or four HD car radios available. I felt that one good service I could provide my visitors was unbiased reviews of HD radios. So, I emailed all the tabletop radio manufacturers I could find and asked them to loan me radios to review. I guess I was naive because the response I got was, well, underwhelming. In fact, some of the big guys, like Polk Audio and Boston Acoustics didn’t even pay me the courtesy of retuning my email. I guess I was just too small to attract their attention.

Two companies came through

The good news was that two companies, Sangean America and Radiosophy, came through and sent me radios to review. I loved both of them – the Sangean HDR-1 and the Radiosophy HD100. I also loved the companies because they didn’t care I was a little guy. They treated me just as if I had a huge web site with hundreds of visitors.

What did I do about those companies that couldn’t be bothered with me?

I found other people’s reviews and used them on my site (with proper credit, of course) because first and foremost I wanted to provide good information.

Why I became an affiliate

I liked the Radiosophy HD100 so much, I became an affiliate. I thought about Sangean and the HDR-1 for a long time before I called to ask if they had an affiliate program. “No,” I was told, but if we like your site, we can make you a factory authorized dealer. Well, they did, and they did.

The Internet’s best prices

The thing about being a Sangean authorized dealer is that I had to sign some agreements. One of them was that I cannot advertise any prices below what are known as Manufacturer’s Advertised Price or MAP. So, I cannot “advertise” prices lower than Sangean’s MAP. However, I can show you a lower prices but …

How does that work?

Following are links to three great Sangean AM/FM/HD radios – the tabletop HDR-1 and two component tuners. Just click on any of these links to get more information and to see  the MAPs for each. To see my price, you will need to click on the Buy Now button. Clicking on Buy Now does not obligate you to actually buy a radio. It just gets you to my non-advertised price which you will find in the upper right-hand corner of the page. So, if you are interested in getting a great radio at a great price, read on. If not, well thanks for reading my little story.