I found this posting on Mark Ramsey’s hear2.0 blog and thought it said much about the power of free vs. the power of HD radio ™.

“Here is an update to your September 26, 2007 post on Ford offering HD Radio as a dealer installed option in their new cars. I recently purchased a new 2008 Ford Fusion and was interested in purchasing the HD upgrade. When I took delivery of the car, I discovered that the Ford SYNC option, which I did not order, is now “standard” and came with the car at no charge. I then learned that if your Ford has the SYNC feature, the HD Radio feature is NOT available to you. I would have to disconnect SYNC to put in HD.

“Now let’s see. What are the odds that people will turn down FREE Microsoft Sync, which allows you to talk through the car radio on your cell phone and speak the name of your MP3 songs that you want to hear, to spend $300 or so to have an HD Radio in their car?”

I guess my answer would be not many.