Here are a couple of the random thoughts that have occurred to me this past week.

First, HD Radio is definitely not dying. As one of my readers pointed out this week, it really hasn’t even begun to grow up. In fact, it’s hardly an adolescent. We won’t know if HD-R is going to succeed or fail until we see what big radio does to monetize HD-R. As you probably know, all HD2 channels are currently commercial free. That might be a good technique for building listernship but not for making money. Right now, stations that broadcast HD are getting about 50% of their revenue from their HD stream. But that’s not additional money. It’s just money that would have been spent on regular their AM or FM broadcasts. HD will eventually be monetized, including HD2 channels. Then we’ll see what happens.

Second, there have been a few new HD radios introduced in the past couple of months, but we haven’t seen a real blast of announcements. So, what’s holding back the manufacturers? Sony’s on-board now and I think the new JVC plug-and-play unit holds promise. I keep expecting to see a slew of new units introduced in time for the holiday season but it hasn’t happened so far.

Big news coming – I think

Third, be sure to come back to the blog later today or on Wednesday as I think I may have some big news – especially for those who have been thinking about buying an HD radio but have held back due to the cost of most units.