The Kenwood EZ700SR is a slim, compact, powerful AM/FM/HD radio and CD player featuring a full dot matrix display with white LED backlight. It’s CD section can handle both CD-Rs and CD-RWs and it plays back both MP3 and WMA files. In addition, the CD deck has CD text with disc naming.

A large, rubber-coated, rotary knob controls the EZ700SR’s volume and the faceplate is both flip-down and removable. There is a matching, multi-function jog dial, a system Q EX equalizer with user memory, a powerful 50W x 4 MOSFET amplifier (200 total), and 3 sets of pre-amp outputs (front, rear and non-fading).

Additionally, the Kenwood EZ700SR offers red or green selectable illumination color, high-pass and low-pass electronic crossovers, dual zone / dual source output, and 24 AM / FM Presets. There is a rear auxiliary output, and 3 Sets of Preamp Outputs. It also has a built-in Sirius Satellite Radio (subscription required for any stereo operation) and comes with a Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna.

EZ700R features

  • Glossy Ebony Finish
  • Internal Amplifier Mute
  • Source Tone Memory
  • Station Naming
  • Programmable Security Code
  • CD Changer & Music Keg™ Control
  • Faceplate Carrying Case
  • Grip Type Remote Control
  • Glossy Ebony Finish
  • CD Frequency Response 10-20,000 Hz
  • 105 dB CD Signal to Noise Ratio