Two new companies, at least new to me, have announced low-cost HD radios with iPod docks.

The first of these, iLive of St. Louis, plans June shipments of its $149 IS808B that has a fold out iPod dock, gradual wake-up to iPod or radio, digital tuning of analog broadcasts, metadata display, multicasting, multiple line display, subwoofer output and line-in jack.

The other company, iLove, recently lowered the suggested retail price of its i168 HD radio to $89.99. It is a one-piece clock radio with FM multicasting, metadata display, 20 FM and AM presets, digital and analog tuning, dual alarms and a number of other features. iLove says that this is the lowest-priced HD radio on the market.

The step up to this unit is iLuv’s i169 which has had its price reduced to a suggested retail of $169. It appears to be very much like its cheaper brother, except it has an iPod dock on the top, remote control of iPod functions and wake/sleep to iPod music, radio or buzzer. It also features five EQ presets, 20 FM and 10 AM presets digital analog tuning and dual alarms.

iLove and iLive, hmmm. I wonder if they’re related or if this is just one of those wacky coincidences of life.