I found an article the other day on a website called MediaBuyer Planner which reported some interesting awareness studies regarding HD Radio.

The survey from the HD Digital Radio Alliance showed awareness of HD radio at 77% of radio listeners. However, an Arbitron/Edison Media Research Report found that awareness of HD and actually declined slightly during 2006 — 2007 or 26% to 24%. And American Media Services has a report showing that 35% of American adults are familiar with HD radio.

The article went on to say “this is not the first time that conflicting results have been found regarding awareness of HD radio. Last September, a poll suggested that only 42% of Americans were aware of HD radio while a study released the following week contradicted the finding, showing that 77% of Americans were aware of the existence of HD radio.”‘

So who do you believe?

Well, the HD Digital Radio Alliance naturally believes in its own research. As a result it is moving from a simple awareness campaign to a campaign that hopes to persuade customers to actually buy an HD radio.

Since the Alliance is clearly drinking its own Kool-Aid, one can only hope – for its sale – that it has the right Kool-Aid.