HD Radio Articles

  • HD Radio fights back 1000 ways

    HD Radio vs. satellite radio You see, regular broadcast radio (often called terrestrial radio) has been taking a real beating from satellite radio. But HD Radio is digital radio. As […]

  • Two different radio formats for the price of one – just imagine!

    One of the criticisms that has been levied against conventional – or terrestrial – radio is that so many of today’s stations have mandated playlists and just keep playing the […]

  • Three great reasons to buy an HD radio

    Have you heard one of your local stations say it was “now broadcasting in crystal-clear HD radio”, and wondered what the heck is HD radio? The simple answer is that […]

  • Some retailers are now getting behind HD Radio with their own advertising

    While the big broadcasters have been pushing HD Radio for nearly six months, the big retailers haven’t been as aggressive. However, I did find an article yesteday in MediaBuyerPlanner that […]

  • Clear Channel News — 200 stations converted

    In a recent news release, Clear Channel Communications announced that 200 of its stations have now been converted to HD Radio technology. “Clear Channel Radio’s accelerated roll-out of HD digital […]

  • HD Radios — where are they?

    RadioMonitor Sep. 23, 2005 By Paul Heine PHILADELPHIA — If a 5.1 surround-sound tree falls in a digital forest, does anyone hear it? iBiquity director of broadcast marketing Don Kelly […]