Thanks to a tip from one of my readers, I learned today that Crutchfield has the new JVC KT-HDP1 Plug-and-Play HD Radio. This unit is described as “universal add-on HD Radio tuner that connects to factory and aftermarket stereos.” This is via a wired or wireless FM modulator. The KT-HDP1 sells for a reasonable $129.99 but seems to require that you purchase it as one of three “kits.” So if, for example, you choose the “do it yourself kit,” the cost of the kit and tuner goes to a total of 179.98.

It would seem that the KT-HDP1 should be a standalone unit as there is a a whole routine you need to go through to identify your car by make and model. But then, maybe not.

I found the text a bit confusing but you can check it our yourself by clicking on the URL link.

If you’re interested in learning more about thi new JVC HD radio, click on the URL Link below. (Go to URL)

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