I found an interesting article on a website called TheStreet.com. The article was written by Gary Kraków, who made several very interesting points.

First, according to Kraków, “HD was supposedly created to improve the quality of FM reception and give listeners a bigger choice as well as give broadcasters a new way to make money. FM stations broadcasting HD signals alongside their normal stations can split the new digital signal into two or more programming/revenue streams.

He then went on to say, “HD station sound different from their analog relatives. There is usually less background noise, and much less interference that can be heard. That’s because the receiver ‘locks in’ on the station’s digital component. In simple terms, just like digital TV broadcasts, a digital signal is either good or bad, on or off. If it’s not tuned in properly, it’s usually not enjoyable at all.

“That said, digital HD radio signals can be more difficult to receive than their analog counterparts. Many listeners complain that they can receive their favorite FM station — but can’t walk in on the digital signal.”

So, if you’re HD radio is having trouble locking in on an HD station or an HD2 channel, now you know why?

The solution? Maybe it’s to get an FM antenna but I can’t swear to that.