JVC HD Radios for car audio systems

JVC’s new KD-HDR1

The newest receiver is the KD-HDR1. It includes a built-in, multi-cast capable HD radio tuner and is both satellite ready and Ready for iPOD(tm), allowing iPod connection, recharging and information display using JVC’s KS-PD100 Adapter.

The KD-HDR1 has JVC’s new user interface that mimics the iPod’s click wheel. The circular front panel has search and playback functions positioned identically to where they can be found on the iPod click wheel.

Other KD-HDR1 features include:

  • 50 watts x 4 power amp maximum (20 watts x 4 RMS)
  • SRS-CS-Auto which creates surround sound effect via a four or more speaker system
  • JVC’s Digital Integrated Alignment System (DiAS) tuner
  • Digital 7-band IEQ with the ability to boost or cut the level by up to 20dB on each of seven bands (60, 150, 400, 1k, 2.4k, 6k and 15kHz to customize overall response
  • Switchable dimmer that enables easier viewing in any light condition.
  • Remote control

JVC has indicated that the KD-HDR1 will be available in March and will have a suggested retail price of about $299.95.


JVC’s other HD Radio product is the JVC KDSHX900 HD, an HD Radio Tuner Receiver with Motorized Slide-Out Face. It has a 256-color OEL display, advanced radio technology, and high-quality sounds.
The power output is 100W max (50W x 4) and it features a MOS-FET power amplifier.

In addition, the JVC KDSHX900 has PICT (Personalized Image Capture Technology), Application Disc (Image Converter COLOR, and is Sirius compatible.

The HD radio tuner is built into the unit and the unit has a DiAS Digital Tuner and an advanced multi-bit DAC. It is MP3/WMA compatible and plays back CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

The JVC KDSHX900 has two pairs of gold-plated line output terminals, a gold-plated sub-woofer output terminal with level/frequency control and a gold-plated adjustable line input.

The CD deck features CD text, disc name registration, direct track access (1-12), random/repeat play and intro scan.

The changer control section of the JVC KDSHX900 includes MP3 control and CD text (in conjunction with the JVC CHX1500 Changer). There is also, disk name registration, direct disc select (1-12), random/repeat play (2 modes, and intro scan (2 modes).

The JVC KDSHXC900 offers 6 AM and 18 FM presets, station name registration, a stereo/mono switch (for FM) and auto antenna.The amplifier features source-specific volume control, a balance/fader control and a volume attenuator. And the unit’s display has a switchable dimmer, level meter and power switch standby illumination.

In addition, the HVC SHX900 has a detachable control panel with carrying case and a multi-function wireless remote control.

Other useful JFC SHS900 features include.

  • DSP with 7 Ambiance Modes
  • Digital 7-Band iEQ
  • BBE Digital High Definition Sound
  • 5 V Line Output Level
  • Motorized Slide-Out Face
  • SSM (for FM)
  • Seek (Up/Down)
  • European Switchable Tune
  • Power-Off Mode Eject
  • Preferred Settings Mode